Called you by name

A moment of adoration and praise

Dear Lord,

I want to take a moment and praise you. You Lord, are the greatest part of my life. You know the beginning, the end, and everything in between for each day. You are the key that unlocks my peace and my joy.

You called me by name, and chose me as Your daughter long before you ever created the stars in the sky.

Even when I ran from You, You always kept careful watch over me.

In the moments when I was hurt, in the darkest hours of my life, you were there weeping with me, yet, even more beautiful than that, you were there weeping over my abuser’s and accusers.

Your heart not only breaks from your hurting children; it grieves over your lost sheep causing hurt and destruction.

It is by Your Grace Lord Jesus that I no longer walk around this world sowing and reaping from a place a pain trauma and hurt.

In Your appointed time, I have been healed of my trauma. I am able to walk from a place of victory, in hopes of being your light for someone else’s path.

You have brought me out of the muck and mire. You have healed the wounds of my past. I no longer place my identity in the neglect, abandonment, fear, isolation, physical and sexual abuse, nor do I live stuck in survival mode.

Where I used to view hope through the lens of my trauma, I lived a life with no hope at all, now I stand firm in Faith and Grace and place my Hope in the one who is Hope, Jesus Christ…

I rest assured in knowing who you say I am: A Pearl of Great Price!

Thank you for loving me like you do,

your eternally grateful and undeserving daughter,


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